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Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office Region South



The Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office (IAEMO) Major Emergency Management (MEM) Region South, is comprised of five key agencies:

  • An Garda Síochána
  • HSE South
  • Local Authority - Cork County Council
  • Local Authority - Cork City Council
  • Local Authority - Kerry County Council.

The Inter-Agency Office is located in the (previous) Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, Western Road, Cork T12 WP62, Ireland.   Tel: +353 21 492 1621 / 492 1690

Logo of the Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office:


Click on image above to view a large version of the IAEMO Logo.

Duties of the Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office:

  • To Provide support on a full time basis to the participating agencies in the consideration and implementation of their responsibilities in planning and preparing for their response to Major Emergencies in the Cork & Kerry Area.
  • Chair the SEVESO/COMAH group and report to the Regional Working Group, (RWG). Undertake work on behalf of the RWG and other subgroups in relation to Major Emergency Management.
  • Undertake work on behalf of the Regional Steering Group, (RSG).
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of mandatory External Emergency Plans (EEPs) for SEVESO/COMAH sites.
  • This preparation to include pre test planning, public consultation, testing and reviewing the 15 Upper Tier SEVESO sites in the MEM Region South.
  • Review and issue the completed Major Emergency Plans to nominated individuals within the Principle Response Agencies, (PRAs).
  • Co-ordinate and develop liaison between the participating agencies and the voluntary agencies.

An Garda Síochána Health Service Executive Cork County Council Cork City Council Kerry County Council

 112 - The IRL/EU Emergency Phone Number

112   112

112 works also in all 28 EU member states and from any phone, free of charge. If a family member or friend is travelling within the EU soon, check that they know what number to call in case of any emergency – under stress of an accident, it could prove vital. In Ireland one can still use 999. However 112 is the preferred emergency number to use, 112 can be used from any phone free of charge in all 28 member states of the European Union ...

    Explanatory Video -
        A Framework for Major
            Emergency Management

  • A Framework enabling An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive and Local Authorities to prepare for and make a co-ordinated response to major emergencies resulting from events such as fires, transport accidents, hazardous substance incidents and severe weather.
  • Major emergency management is a key challenge and a priority issue for Government. Clearly, the world in which we live is constantly changing and we need to develop our major emergency management architecture to enable us to deal effectively with the possibility of new risks and threats. In the last few years most European Countries have engaged in review and development of their major emergency or civil protection arrangements. This Framework for Major Emergency Management moves in line with international trends in this field.
  • Turning the provisions of the Framework into working major emergency management plans will involve a significant level of development activity, both within the individual principal response agencies and jointly with their local and regional partners. It is only when all of these plans are in place that the development phase of this process will be completed.
  • Thereafter, the challenge will be to continuously monitor developments and modify the plans to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest risks. It is through this continuous process and through regularly carrying out exercises to test the plans that we can be sure that we are as prepared as possible to protect the public should disaster strike.
  • View the Framework Video HERE

    Educational and Training Video -
        Making and Receiving
            an ETHANE Call

  • Whilst this educational and training video has depicted just one scenario; "ETHANE" can and should be used in a host of situations / incidents / emergencies / scenarios, as an agreed means of imparting and receiving key information and associated details, in a time pressured emergency situation.
  • The Framework for Major Emergency Management document advocates that the "ETHANE" mnemonic should be practiced and utilised by all key stakeholders, including: The Emergency Services - An Garda Síochána, HSE National Ambulance Service and Fire and Rescue Services for and on behalf of their respective Principal Response Agencies (PRAs); Seveso Sites, both Upper Tier and Lower Tier; Search and Rescue Agencies / Mountain Rescue organisations / Water, River and Sea Rescue agencies / organisations. Voluntary Emergency Services (VES) and other organisations that may support the Princapal Response Agencies.
  • View the ETHANE Video HERE

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